Here’s my worksheet..

Hello followers! Today I am going to inform you all about my process of designing a worksheet.

First of all, I want to mention that this task was challenging for me. Actually, understanding the assignment was a little hard. In our Material Design course, we studied that corpus is a collection of texts, written or spoken, usually stored in a computer database. Then, we were assigned to create our own worksheet.It was,in fact,a little confusing at first sight,because there were no examples to the assignment.Fortunately for us, our teacher explained us the task clearly and revealed some examples related to the task, then I managed it.

Our task was to create a worksheet(for high school students) and it had to be based on inductive learning. We had to use corpus while creating it.I decided to compare two words,generally not correctly used(I am talking about the use of “Make” vs “Do”).I used canva while designing my material. I enabled students to discover by themselves using corpus and in the end, they were asked to create their own sentences.

Below I will share my worksheet.

I am Back !

Hi everyone.

Welcome back to my blog) I missed sharing my experiences and being in touch with you. I will compensate for the missing days.

This term, I will mainly write within the material design in ELT. What is the difference this time? Material design in ELT focuses on pre-service teachers’ improving English materials (coursebook, worksheet, word chart, infographic etc.) considering technology and the needs for the 21st century skills,whilst educational technologies in ELT aims to educate students making them use technology within the framework of the 21st century skills. So, I will post my experiences and will share my impressions on what we will have done in this course.

I hope this term will be a productive process,same to the previous time. Take care of yourself,stay tuned if you do not want to miss new posts 🙂

Semester results/ What I Learned and Experienced in the Course

Hello, everybody! This time I am writing my final post of this term. I wanted to sump up and share with you all the new stuff I have learned during the term.

First of all, I want to mention that Educational Technologies course has undoubtedly distributed for my learning. I learned not just how to use,but also how to integrate technology devices into teaching process. For example, I explored several interesting and instructive tools that may help to diversify the teaching way. Padlet,posterMyWall,Podbean etc. are a few most essential tools that must have to be integrated into into any educational classes.It is clear for me now that any future or current teacher have to know and utilize different tools in his class in order to develop student’s learning,imagination skills and creative fantasy. Because in our current society creativity and ability to make up new fresh and valuable ideas are qualities that people should have or gain,no matter where they work or live.

The second thing I got to realize from the content of the class was a great importance of collaborative work in our age and capability to adapt yourself to any environment. I comprehended it during our 2 class while our teacher was explaining us the major role of technologies in our world and what characteristics a person has to get if she/he is determined to develop themselves in the era of speedy and sweeping changes.

The 2 things I liked the most were first one is that we had multiple choice while selecting our homework and the second is that our teacher constantly used English in class, I really appreciate her for this.

What I liked the least and had the difficulties to manage was then podcasting,it was something strange to record myself and listen to it because of my inexperience on it.

In conclusion it was awesome time to have this course and learn something new on it.

An Infographic About Web 2.0 Tools

Hello,my beloved followers!! So how are you all today? By the way,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone of you! Here in my post I am going to tell you a little about my best preferred infographic project. So if you are interested to see my infographic about the 2.0 tools I created click here. (this site doesn’t give embed url)

Stay tuned. Like the posts. Leave a comment. And have a nice day. 🙂

Movie poster based on my favorite book

Hi, everyone! In this post I will share with you a movie poster,based on my favorite book of W.Somerset Maugham called “Of Human Bondage” , which I created here. For this week our task was to create an online poster. We had two alternatives. The first one was to create a movie poster and the second one was to create a magazine cover. I chose the first one just imagining if my book would being made into a movie and I was responsible for its advertising.

I had never created a movie poster before, therefore experiencing new things was entertaining and interesting for me. I enjoyed it. Let’s have a look. I’ll embed it below. If you like it, do not forget to put likes and leave a comment.

Design created with PosterMyWall

Digital Storytelling / My experience

Hi, everyone! Today I am going to talk about digital storytelling and creating it which was our task for this week. We worked collaboratively as a group of 3 girls: Me, Melike and Sümeyra. On our video which I will share with you below, we wanted to raise a public issue about smoking and it’s effects to the environment and people around. This issue is relevant notably to Turkey. Thousands of people who do not smoke constantly suffers from people who does. Smokers consciously or not but harm the people around wherever they are while smoking. Therefore, we’d like you all to increase your awareness of the consequences and effects of your actions outside.

Please make sure you watch the video and leave your comment about this problem.

To watch the video click here

Creating Webquest on Padlet

Hi, everyone! How are you all?

This week our task on educational technology class was to create a Webquest on We worked as a group of 4 students: me(İroda), Selis,Melisa and Mustafa. We chose a topic about “Climate Change” to display and convey you our interpretations about this worldwide issue and enhance your awareness on this problem.

Below I embeded our project work so you can check it out and leave a comment.

Made with Padlet

Film review: “3 IDIOTS”

Hi, everyone! This week our class task was to write a film review and I chose an Indian film by the name of “Three Idiots”. It is an amazing movie, because this film incredibly harmoniously combines the best traditions of Indian cinema with its soulfulness, emotionality, relevant songs and dances; classics of youth comedy, as well as the global idea, the imperfections of the modern education system, aimed at creating soulless details that ensure a carefree life in a consumer society.

Highly recommend you to watch. Don’t miss it!

Collaborative work: İroda Narmetova & Mustafa Şen

İroda Narmetova: click here

Mustafa Şen : click here

Podcasting. What are podcasts,how to use them in learning and teaching?

Hello everyone! Today I am going to inform you a little about podcasting. So what is it? How to utilize it in learning and teaching?Podcasting in the classroom is the latest trend. Podcasts enable students to access the information any time they want. Students can download the information to the device of their choice and listen/watch whenever they are free. For a generation well versed in handling technology, downloading podcasts requires only basic technical knowledge and skills.

Actually, it was easy to me to create a podcast. And,of course, it was a little funny and strange feeling to listen your own voice in the podcast but I have to admit that it was enjoyable time spending. Yes, I had some difficulties with arranging its time. Due to I had to fit in with the time (a min.) so it was hard to adjust, collect and share all the thoughts and ideas within those constricted seconds.

I think I’d use podcasting in the future with students because it will give them a chance to hear themselves (in english) so I suppose that in fact will improve their speaking and listening skills and essentially fluency in pronunciation of the target language.

What is RSS feed and how I benefit from using it?

If you spend much time online,it is likely you are aware of RSS feeds as a method of keeping up with blogs and websites.RSS dates back to the late 1990s,was developed as a way to allow website content to be syndicated for use on other sites. Today it is popular standardized format that used to publish frequently changing content.I’m using RSS “Feedly” and below have listed out advantages of it:

  • All news at one place: You can subscribe to multiple news groups and then you can customize your reader to have all the news on a single page.It will save you a lot of time.
  • Get the news you want and whenever you want: RSS feed comes in the form of headlines and a brief description so that you can easily scan the headlines and click only those stories that interest you. Additionally, subscriptions can be organized into folders, and if a particular feed no longer interests you,it is easy to unsubscribe.

My favorite blog from which I’m following is “Big think”.The content of it is about improving our awareness and mindfulness about the modern world of innovation,learning and teaching young generations. So highly recommend you to follow it if you want to acquire more information and widen your horizon.