Here’s my worksheet..

Hello followers! Today I am going to inform you all about my process of designing a worksheet.

First of all, I want to mention that this task was challenging for me. Actually, understanding the assignment was a little hard. In our Material Design course, we studied that corpus is a collection of texts, written or spoken, usually stored in a computer database. Then, we were assigned to create our own worksheet.It was,in fact,a little confusing at first sight,because there were no examples to the assignment.Fortunately for us, our teacher explained us the task clearly and revealed some examples related to the task, then I managed it.

Our task was to create a worksheet(for high school students) and it had to be based on inductive learning. We had to use corpus while creating it.I decided to compare two words,generally not correctly used(I am talking about the use of “Make” vs “Do”).I used canva while designing my material. I enabled students to discover by themselves using corpus and in the end, they were asked to create their own sentences.

Below I will share my worksheet.

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