How to make 21st century learning effective in an era of technology?

Currently we are living in an era of advanced technology, where every part of our daily lives is related to the use of technology in one way or another. The development of technology has led to so many mind-blowing discoveries, better facilities, and better luxuries, but at the same has dramatically changed our daily lives. Society has changed. We cannot adequately prepare students for the society that exists today or will exist tomorrow, if we continue to prepare them for the society that existed yesterday. It’s not difficult to recognize how much of the technology we use on a daily basis—from computers, telephones, tablets and TVs to refrigerators and cars that can fly.

In order to prepare students to play their role in the 21st century we have to instill them such characteristics as creativity, adoptability, improved communication skills, working in collaboration with others so pursued on this basis education should be collaborative, student is considered to take the leadership, getting awareness about everything as much as its possible in order to be a part of the 21st century with its new life rules totally connected with technology. All in all,the teacher can make a point of helping students to understand how the skills they’re building can be applied in their lives.

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