Semester results/ What I Learned and Experienced in the Course

Hello, everybody! This time I am writing my final post of this term. I wanted to sump up and share with you all the new stuff I have learned during the term.

First of all, I want to mention that Educational Technologies course has undoubtedly distributed for my learning. I learned not just how to use,but also how to integrate technology devices into teaching process. For example, I explored several interesting and instructive tools that may help to diversify the teaching way. Padlet,posterMyWall,Podbean etc. are a few most essential tools that must have to be integrated into into any educational classes.It is clear for me now that any future or current teacher have to know and utilize different tools in his class in order to develop student’s learning,imagination skills and creative fantasy. Because in our current society creativity and ability to make up new fresh and valuable ideas are qualities that people should have or gain,no matter where they work or live.

The second thing I got to realize from the content of the class was a great importance of collaborative work in our age and capability to adapt yourself to any environment. I comprehended it during our 2 class while our teacher was explaining us the major role of technologies in our world and what characteristics a person has to get if she/he is determined to develop themselves in the era of speedy and sweeping changes.

The 2 things I liked the most were first one is that we had multiple choice while selecting our homework and the second is that our teacher constantly used English in class, I really appreciate her for this.

What I liked the least and had the difficulties to manage was then podcasting,it was something strange to record myself and listen to it because of my inexperience on it.

In conclusion it was awesome time to have this course and learn something new on it.

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