Podcasting. What are podcasts,how to use them in learning and teaching?

Hello everyone! Today I am going to inform you a little about podcasting. So what is it? How to utilize it in learning and teaching?Podcasting in the classroom is the latest trend. Podcasts enable students to access the information any time they want. Students can download the information to the device of their choice and listen/watch whenever they are free. For a generation well versed in handling technology, downloading podcasts requires only basic technical knowledge and skills.

Actually, it was easy to me to create a podcast. And,of course, it was a little funny and strange feeling to listen your own voice in the podcast but I have to admit that it was enjoyable time spending. Yes, I had some difficulties with arranging its time. Due to I had to fit in with the time (a min.) so it was hard to adjust, collect and share all the thoughts and ideas within those constricted seconds.

I think I’d use podcasting in the future with students because it will give them a chance to hear themselves (in english) so I suppose that in fact will improve their speaking and listening skills and essentially fluency in pronunciation of the target language.


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