What is RSS feed and how I benefit from using it?

If you spend much time online,it is likely you are aware of RSS feeds as a method of keeping up with blogs and websites.RSS dates back to the late 1990s,was developed as a way to allow website content to be syndicated for use on other sites. Today it is popular standardized format that used to publish frequently changing content.I’m using RSS “Feedly” and below have listed out advantages of it:

  • All news at one place: You can subscribe to multiple news groups and then you can customize your reader to have all the news on a single page.It will save you a lot of time.
  • Get the news you want and whenever you want: RSS feed comes in the form of headlines and a brief description so that you can easily scan the headlines and click only those stories that interest you. Additionally, subscriptions can be organized into folders, and if a particular feed no longer interests you,it is easy to unsubscribe.

My favorite blog from which I’m following is “Big think”.The content of it is about improving our awareness and mindfulness about the modern world of innovation,learning and teaching young generations. So highly recommend you to follow it if you want to acquire more information and widen your horizon.

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